Allen Tesch

The home of news about Allen Tesch's short fiction and miscellany.

Congrats on finding yourself at my hidden site, you must have really wanted to be here for some reason.  

I'm Allen Tesch, a writer of short fiction and poetry in Mankato, Minnesota. These are my writings that I have released to the world for cheap or free because it's all about the art.  The art and half-assed websites.

I do all the writing, art, and promotion myself.  It is a daring synthesis of unreleting poverty and the true DIY spirit; of unfettered creativity and disappointing lack of technical skill.  

Feel free check out the links to my books on the sidebar or email me to stay in touch with any news about publications, or I might just send you a message to say "hi".  

You never know, it gets lonely here late at night.